Hey guys, it's Paggigalo here. Basically, I'm going to tell you all that is going down and why we haven't been producing content. Once you're done reading any section and have any questions, feel free to ask them in the forum below. So, without further ado, let me get into the meat.

1. Where have I been and why haven't I been producing content?

I haven't really made anything besides updates in the past few months and this is pretty obvious. What isn't too obvious is the reasons why. You see, I have been having major problems with me editing soft-wares as of late to the point where if I try to render something more than 20 seconds, my computer wants to explode. Now, I've tried every fix that I've found for this except for basically flushing my memory and getting rid of a lot of files on my computer and such. The reason why I haven't done this process, that will albeit only take a few hours to a day, is because I'm building a new $3,000+ PC. So far, all the parts have come in but the GPU. The GPU was SUPPOSED to come in today, but amazon decided to tell me a few minutes ago, "Whoops! We just ran out of stock!" Long story short, I had to re-order off of a different place and it's gonna come in this Friday. I was gonna try and make a video about this, but since I probably wont be able to build my new computer until Sunday, I decided to just wright this.

Added to this is the fact that I will be leaving my house early August and moving to college. I don't know what my schedule will be, so I wont know when I'll be available to do things. Be aware, though, that after I settle in, I will be trying to produce more content on a more consistent basis.

2. Where has DIY been and why hasn't he been producing content?

Despite the lack of content DIY has been making, I assure you he has been working extremely hard to try and make content for the channel. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to work on the stuff for the channel a lot. A lot of personal stuff has...
Here's the newest Gloom Walker update:

Hope you all enjoy and tell us what you think in this thread or the comments of the video.
What do you get when you take a terrible movie, and make a portable game out of it? Apparently this crime against humanity.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is a video game based on the film. It was announced by THQ and LucasArts in early February 2002 that they would be releasing a game on Game Boy Advance based on the film that would be released that year.The game was met with generally negative reception. Reasons include its control issues, simple difficulty, poor level designs and dated password system. Game Informer gave it an abysmal 1 out of 10, calling it "the dark side of gaming." The game so far has a score of 38.87% from GameRankings and 38 out of 100 from Metacritic.
Entering for a chance to get a copy of Republic Commando is easy. All you have to do is comment on one of our videos uploaded on or after May 14 of this year. To make it even easier, here are those videos:

Comment as on as many videos, as many times as you like. The winner will be whoever has the best comment, as simple as that! Check back next Friday for even more prizes!