A few weeks ago I attended a hackathon which had many large companies boasting off their cutting edge technology. Oculus Rift was one of those that attended, and I got my hands on a dev kit v2 for a day. Needless to say, I was impressed with how good the resolution and lenses were, but to buy one for myself would set me back $350, which is not possible for me right now. So, I started looking on the internet for affordable alternatives, and I found exactly that. Google has created an IP called Cardboard, which has the goal of making VR available to the general consumer. If you are really crafty, you can print out the templates and make one yourself, or you can do what I did and buy one.

Now, I should point out that you do need an android phone to use this, so you could say that this really isn't a "cheap" alternative since the cheapest phone that this would work well with is the Nexus 5, (the phone that I have), which had a market price of $350. As I see it, I was going to have the phone anyways, so it is just giving it extra functionality, but if you do not have a smartphone, I guess you're out of luck with this. Anyways, I got myself a ColorCross VR headset off of eBay, there are lots of vendors selling these, and the price can range anywhere from $15 to $20. You will also need to get an app called Trinus Gyre on both your phone and PC to get the VR working, and that costs $5.07 on Google Play.

I played a bit of BioShock and CS:GO with my thrifty headset, and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. The image was crisp, there was little to no latency, and some people might try to strangle me for saying this, but I think this is better than the Oculus Rift.

What do you guys think? Is this the future of VR gaming?
In addition to occasional movie reviews and commentary, I will be weighing in weekly on a hobby I've had for a long time: LEGO! Today is a great day to start this segment, considering that many awesome geek LEGO were announced this week! I have put up a poll to see if people will be interested in reading this segment! Please feel free to vote and let me know if you are interested in segments like this! If you are interested in me reviewing other projects (games, toys, etc), let me know and we'll see if I can do it!

This week, LEGO announced several new projects through its LEGO Ideas Program, an official LEGO user-based voting system which submits user projects with 10,000 votes of support to LEGO for consideration as an official project. The first project to be announced is the LEGO WALL-E project by user Angus MacLane!


The second project that got announced is the Doctor Who Project by user AndrewClark2! The rumor about this project is that all 13 iterations of the Doctor will be produced, but it will not be confirmed until the official project as completed by LEGO is revealed. Looks like The Doctor will has some amazing things to get for his collection!


The Doctor Who project, along with the Simpsons, Scooby-Doo, and Big Bang Theory, will be the fourth TV LEGO set to be produced.

Jurassic Park fans will be happy to note that a Video Game and sets have been announced as well! The sets will be based on the upcoming movie and the Video Game will span all four movies. This also marks the third time Chris Pratt will become a LEGO figure! Here's a preview of the game!

For more information about the Doctor Who and WALL-E projects, please visit the LEGO Ideas page! For...
Let me give ya the skinny:

We will be making a guild in Sw:ToR in an effort to push us in the direction of a more online presence. To do this, we need to fill all the requirements to make a guild( http://www.swtor.com/gamemanual/how-to-play/guilds ).

We will be making a Free-To-Play guild so as to not alienate anyone who wants to join, but fret not, because you can still become a subscriber while in the Free-To-Play guild(Unfortunatley, everyone but the leader can become a subscriber, because, when they do, the guild becomes a subscriber guild).

Anyways, we need at least 4 people at high enough levels(10) to make a guild. You must meet these 2 additional requirements to be in our guild:

  • Be in the NA server Begeren Colony
  • Be on the The Sith Empire side (We may eventually make a Galactic Republic guild when the time comes, but don't expect it anytime soon)
My name in the game is Paggigalo. Add me if you want to be in the guild. To the future!
I'll create a list of jobs later, please limit yourself on posting here until then, but you can give me suggestions on what type of jobs you'd like :)
Is Half-Life the best FPS? If not, what is?